The 2017 International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and Its Applications (iFUZZY 2017),
Howard Beach Resort Kenting, November 12-15, 2017.

Welcome to iFUZZY 2017

It is our greatest pleasure to Welcome you to the International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and Its Applications (iFUZZY 2017), held at Howard Beach Resort Kenting, Hengchun Township, Pingtung Country, Taiwan. iFUZZY was initiated and hosted by the Taiwan Fuzzy System Association (TFSA) in 2012 providing an international forum for researchers and practitioners to share ideas in all aspects of fuzzy theory and its applications. The major goal of this conference is therefore to bring together practitioners and scholars from fuzzy related areas to discuss, demonstrate and exchange research ideas. To disseminate the research results presented at the conference with better opportunity, accepted papers would be published in the proceeding of iFUZZY 2017 and also be in the IEEE Xplore digital library optionally.

At this conference, there are three sessions for the special issue of International Journal of Fuzzy systems. It is a question-and-answer session for elected papers and is open to all the audience. The guest editors will decide whether the elected papers can be further polished to be published in the coming issue of International Journal of Fuzzy Systems on site. Moreover, there is great news to share with all the practitioners here, that is, the Taiwan Fuzzy System Association decides to issue the best paper award at this conference to the best paper elected from the papers published in the International Journal of Fuzzy systems the year before and this award would start to be issued this year (2017).

We Would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone involved in making this conference a success. Many thanks go to the advisory committees, the keynote speakers, the special session organizers, the program committee, reviewers, participants, and especially, to all the contributing authors who are willing to share their research results at this conference. With these supports, the high quality of presented papers is guaranteed. Also, we would sincerely appreciate the financial Supports from the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Formosa University, National Energy Program Phase-II, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, IET Taipei Local Network, National Ilan University and several IEEE local chapters. Further, we would like to give our sincere thanks to the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society, IEEE Control Systems Society, International Fuzzy Systems Association and Korean Institute of Intelligent Systems for their technical co-sponsorship to this conference.

Again, it is our great honor to have you with us at the conference, where we hope you can enjoy all events we prepare and have fruitful discussion. Hope you have a wonderful and stimulating stay in this splendid hotel at the greatest city, Kenting.

Honorary Chairs
Tsu-Tian Lee, Tamkang Univ., Taiwan
Wen-Yuh Jywe, Nat'l Formosa Univ., Taiwan
Shun-Feng Su, Nat'l Taiwan Univ. of Sci. and Tech., Taiwan
Jyh-Horng Chou, Nat'l Kaohsiung Univ. of Appl. Sci., Taiwan
General Chairs
Chin-Wang Tao, Nat'l Ilan Univ., Taiwan
Jin-Tsong Jeng, Nat'l Formosa Univ., Taiwan
Wei-Ching Chuang, Nat'l Formosa Univ., Taiwan

Map of 1F, Howard Beach Resort Kenting

Details of iFUZZY 2017 Conference Program
November 13, 2017 (Monday)

(MM-1) Time:08:30-09:50 [M104]
Type-2 fuzzy logic and application (Prof. Hong Mo)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1023 Liang Zhao Vertical Slice and Horizontal Slice of Conditional Fuzzy Sets
#1060 H. Mo, F.-Y. Wang Properties of Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
#1020 Chen-Tung Chen, Wei-Zhan Hung Evaluating the Service Quality of Hospital by Using TOPSIS with Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
#1008 Venkata Subba Reddy Poli A Method for Generalized Fuzzy Rough Sets and Application to Fuzzy Control Systems

(MM-2) Time:08:30-09:50 [M105]
Fuzzy Systems and Engineering Application (Prof. Chen-Chia Chuang)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1085 Tung-Kuan Liu, Chao-Nan Chen, Yu- Ti Kuo, Ming-Hung Kuo, Po-Wen Hsueh Developing a Monitoring System of Production Effectiveness and Traceability for Semi-Automatic Production Process
#1156 Mei-Lin Huang, Jyun-Ming Liao, Yu- Bo Lee, Ting-Yan Lin, Yi-Hsing Chien, Wei-Yen Wang, Chen-Chien Hsu Automatic Egg-Inspection System Using Fuzzy Control and Image Processing Techniques
#1158 Chih-Ching Hsiao, Chen-Chia Chuang, Jin-Tsong Jeng Shun- Feng A Hybrid Case Base Reasoning System Based on Multi- Granulation
#1107 Haw-Ching Yang, Yu-Yung Li, Fan- Tien Cheng A Tool Prognosis Architecture for Smart Factory

(MM-3) Time:08:30-09:50 [M106]
New Trends on Fuzzy Modeling and Control for Complex Systems: Theory and Application (Prof. Hamid Reza Karimi)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1012 Xiaohang Li, Dunke Lu, Hamid Reza Karimi, Yueying Wang, Ning Wang Fault-tolerant Control and Observer Design for Uncertain Fuzzy Descriptor Systems
#1164 Zhulin Liu, C. L. Philip Chen, Long Chen, Jin Zhou Multi-Attribute Based Fuzzy C-means in Approximated Feature Space
#1015 Wen-Jer Chang, Yann-Horng Lin An Approach to Robust Fuzzy Control for TORA Systems with Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Model Subject to Multiple Constraints
#1050 Hong Sun, Changzhu Zhang, Guangyong An, Qijun Chen, Chengju Liu Fuzzy-Model- Based H-infinity Dynamic Output Feedback Control With Feedforward for Autonomous Vehicle Path Tracking

(MA-1) Time:15:20-16:30 [M104]
Applications of Information and Control System (Prof. W.P. Chen and Prof. S.S. Chen)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1090 Chih-Cheng Chiu, Yi-Chang Chen, Bor- Horng Sheu, Yun- Yeh Lin, Jian-Ting Liou, Wen-Ping Chen Intelligent Sighting System for Dynamic Object
#1108 Huan-Chi Huang Measurement of Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient of Plastic Greenhouse
#1110 Song-Shyong Chen, Hung-his Kuo, Wen- Ping Chen A Study on Service of Multimedia Smart Phones Using the UTAUT Model
#1125 Chun-Cheng Lin, You-Yu Chen An Improved Template-Matching Method for Real-Time Detection of Abnormal Heartbeats
#1148 Chang Hsi Wu, Chen Bo Chen, Jian- Chang Zhou A 12-Lead ECG Integrated Circuit Design with Adjustable Gain and Bandwidth Schemes
#1165 Jiann-Cherng Wu, Jen-Hsin Chen, Wen- Hui Chen Application of Micro Hydro Turbine Power Generation System in Acequia

(MA-2) Time:15:20-16:30 [M105]
Information and Fuzzy Systems (Prof. Horng-Lin Shieh and Prof. Jau-Yang Chang)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1135 Jau-Yang Chang, Hong-Ru Lin, Hsuan-Ju Chiu A Design of Intelligent Cloud Computing for Heart Rhythm Detection Systems
#1153 Sheng-Yuan Yang, Fu-Hsien Chen, Kune-Yao Chen, Chun-Liang Hsu An Intelligent Mobile Information Consultation and Sharing Multi- Agent System
#1154 Horng-Lin Shieh, Wen-Yeau Chang, Hsi-Wei Mou, Sheng-Bo GAO, Cheng-Yu Yang Short-term Electric Load Forecasting Based on Fuzzy Neural Network and Time Series Method
#1155 Jia-Jing Lin, Shih- Chang Huang The Implementation of the Visitor Access Control System for the Senior Citizen Based on the LBP Face Recognition
#1157 Hong-Chan Chang, Cheng-Chien Kuo, Cheng-Fu Hsieh Fuzzy-based Fault Diagnosis System for Induction Motors

(MA-3) Time:15:20-16:30 [M106]
Applications of Intelligent System (Prof. Cheng-Jian Lin and Prof. Hui-Kai Su)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1048 Kuang-Hao Lin, Ping-Seng Tseng, Liang-Yu Ji, Yu- Chien Lin, Guan-Jin Li Design of Low-power Compass FIR Filter for the ECG
#1095 Hou-Ming Chen, Chi-Hsun Kuo, Yi- Shiang Tsai, Bo-Yi Lee An Accurate Energy Release Circuit for Switching Boost Converters
#1105 Chia-Hsin Cheng, Yi Yan, Feng Cheng Wu, Yu- An Chen, Tao-Ping Wang Application of Fuzzy Inference System for an Indoor Positioning System
#1159 Cheng-Hung Chen, Wei-Chieh Yang Evolving Fuzzy Controllers with an Improved Imperialist Competitive Algorithm
#1163 Hui-Kai Su, Xian- Xing Huang Design and Implementation of Image Locating Method for Robotic PCB Loader and Unloader

(MA-4) Time:16:30-17:50 [M104]
iFuzzy 2017 Best Student Conference Paper Awards Competition
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1055 Jau-Yang Chang, Hong-Ru Lin, Hsuan-Ju Chiu Adaptive Force Controller Design and Implementation for Robot Manipulator with Uncertainty and Friction
#1079 Li Guo, Long Chen, Tianjun Li, C. L. Philip Chen Fuzzy Non-local Image Guided Filter and Averaging
#1086 Yu-Cheng Wu, Mei- Yung Chen, Chun-Ta Chen An Exoskeleton Robot for Upper Limb Rehabilitation
#1109 Chia-Wei Kuo, Ching-Chih Tsai Quaternion-Based Adaptive Backstepping RFWNN Control of Quadrotors Subject to Model Uncertainties and Disturbances
#1122 Shun-Min Wang, Gwo-Ruey Yu Output-Feedback Control of Networked Nonlinear Systems: Polynomial Fuzzy Approach
#1151 Junhua Deng, Chao Xu, Li Sun, Ning Cao, Xuexiao You On Conformable Fractional Nabla-Hukuhara Derivative on Time Scales

(MA-5) Time:16:30-17:50 [M105]
iFuzzy 2017 Best Conference Paper Awards Competition
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1037 Shuo-Fu Hsu, Po- Yuan Yang, Jyh- Horng Chou Processing ParametersOptimization for ZnO Films by Cathode Arc Plasma Deposition
#1051 Kuo-Sui Lin, Chih-Chung Chiu Multi-Criteria Group Decision-Making Method Using New Score Function Based on Vague Set Theory
#1052 Shaobao Li, Meng Joo Er, Ning Wang, Chiang- Ju Chien Zhenyu Yang Adaptive Fuzzy Output Regulation for Formation Control of Unmanned Surface Vehicles
#1065 Shang-Chih Lin, Yennun Huang A Fuzzy Condition Monitoring System Suitable for Machine Tool Spindle Motor Considering Dynamic Speed Characteristics
#1093 Kuo-Jung Lin, Tzuu- Hseng S. Li Stabilization and Model Reference Tracking Control of Discrete- time Nonlinear Systems via Modified Fuzzy Static Output Feedback Design
#1133 M. Zeinali Multilayer Fuzzy System Modeling a New Approach: Theory and Application

(MA-6) Time:16:30-17:50 [M106]
Swarm Robots for Auxiliary Fire Service (Prof. Tsu Tian Lee and Prof. Chun-Fei Hsu)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1061 Chia-Wen Chang, Hsiao-Yen Ma, Cheng-Yuan Yang, Bo-Rui Chen, Chin- Wang Tao Finite-time cooperative control for multiple quadrotors
#1073 Tsu-Tian Lee, Chih- Cheng Liu, Sheng- Ru Xiao, Yi-Chung Lin, Chi-Yuan Cheng Sensor Fusion for Localization System of Mobile Robot
#1074 Yang-Han Lee, Yu- De Liao, Ting-Wei Lin, Yi-Lun Chen, Wen-Han Jhang Design and Development of an Intelligent Fire Alarm and Evacuation System
#1075 Yu-Lian Lin, De-Wei Cao, Jenq-Lang Wu Switching Control of Wireless Charging Systems
#1094 Wei-Lun Chen, Yen- Ming Chen, Yun Hao, Kuo-Yi Chen The Design and Implementation of a Lidar System with Center Average Defuzzifier

Poster Session (joined with CACS 2017)
Time:09:10-09:50,[Howa]d Banquet Hall (II), 1F, Howard Beach Resort Kenting】
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1091 Jeng-Dao Lee Min- Che Liu, Han-I Chen, Po-Han Ho Coordinate and Move Trajectory Information Measurement System
#1104 Zheng-You Guo, Jin- Tsong Jeng, Chih- Ching Hsiao, Sheng- Chieh Chang Prediction and Classification of Weather Distribution-Valued Data with MLP Neural Networks
#1028 WU Meng LUO Shengxi Optimal Fuzzy Control of SIR Epidemic with State Dependent Cost Function
#1009 Min Xu, Rong-Jong Wai, Zhixiong Zhong Reachable Set Estimation for Large-Scale Fuzzy Systems with Time-Varying Delay and Input Constraint
#1103 Yan-Cheng Li, Jin- Tsong Jeng, Chen- Chia Chuang and Si- Hao Du AP Clustering with Wasserstein Distances for Distribution-Valued Data Analysis

November 14, 2017 (Tuesday)

(TM-1) Time:08:30-09:50 [M104]
IJFS Special Session (I)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1029 Avichandra Singh, Yo-Ping Huang, Hoang An Quoc Improving Medical Data Classification Accuracy by Transformed Fuzzy Neural Network
#1047 Yu-Cheng Wu, Fu- Wen Chen, Chun-Ta Chen, Mei-Yung Chen Pneumatic Artificial Muscle Driven Control Loading System
#1072 Chia-Wen Chang, Chun-Fei Hsu, Tsu-Tian Lee Adaptive Finite-Time Fuzzy Control for Unknown Nonlinear Systems
#1127 Shun-Hung Tsai, Feng-Chun Chung, Chih-Yang Jen Stabilization Analysis for Discrete-time Fuzzy Systems with Time- delay via Small Gain Theorem and Sum-of- Squares
#1131 Ming-Chin Yang, Jing-Zhong Wang, Tsung-Ying Sun EMD-based Preprocessing with Fuzzy Inference System and Fuzzy Neural Network to Identify Kiln Coating Collapse for Predicting Refractory Failure in Cement Process
#1106 Hong-Rui Su, Kuo- Yi Chen Design and Implementation of a Mobile Robot with Autonomous Door Opening Ability

(TM-2) Time:08:30-09:50 [M105]
IJFS Special Session (II)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1021 Xian-Bing Meng, Han-Xiong Li Dempster-Shafer Based Probabilistic Fuzzy Logic System for Wind Speed Prediction
#1027 Ning Wang, Zhuo Sun, Shun-Feng Su, Yueying Wang Fuzzy Uncertainty Observer Based Path Following Control of Underactuated Marine Vehicles with Unmodelled Dynamics and Disturbances
#1043 Linyun Huang, Youngchul Bae Nonlinear Behavior in Fractional-order Romeo and Juliet's Love Model Influenced by External Force with Fuzzy Function
#1101 Shi-Yuan Han, Hao Teng, Jin Zhou, Lu-Jun Qiu, Yue-Hui Chen Design of Optimal Disturbance Attenuation Controller for Networked T-S Fuzzy Vehicle Active Suspension with Control Delay
#1099 Do Khac Tiep, Young-Jae Ryoo Trajectory Tracking of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Using a Fuzzy- PD Controller

(TM-3) Time:08:30-09:50 [M106]
IJFS Special Session (III)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1005 Venkata Subba Reddy Poli Generalized Fuzzy Data Mining for Incomplete Information
#1018 Kao-Yi Shen, Hioshi Sakai Gwo- Hshiung Tzeng Comparing Two Novel Hybrid MRDM Approaches to Consumer Credit Scoring under Uncertainty and Fuzzy Judgments
#1049 Shu-Kung Hu, Gwo- Hshiung Tzeng Exploring Customer Satisfaction of Online Shopping Based on Hybrid Fuzzy MADM Model with Interval Fuzzy Integral Method
#1080 Shan Cheng, Yi-Chen Feng, Tian-Li Huang , Rong-Jong Wai Optimal Planning of Hybrid Energy Generation System in the Microgrid Considering Direct Load Control
#1089 Huidong Wang, Xiaohong Pan A New Interval Type-2 Fuzzy VIKOR Method for Multi Attribute Decision Making

(TA-1) Time:14:00-15:00 [M104]
Data-driven Computational Intelligence Techniques and Applications (Prof. Chia-Feng Juang)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1014 Gin-Der Wu, Li-Hui Lee Type-2 Fuzzy Neural Network for Lip Activity Detection
#1017 Chi-Chung Chen Enhanced Continuous Ant Colony Optimization to Improve the Accuracy of the Fuzzy Controller Design
#1036 Chia-Feng Juang, Wen-Chieh Chiang, Chia-Wei Chang, and Wei-En Ni A Parsimonious Fuzzy Classifier Learned Through Support Vector Machine and Margin Selective Gradient Descent
#1082 Yu-Po Lin, Ming-Wei Hsu, Yih- Guang Leu Solar Forecasting Using EM-based Neural Network
#1102 Man-Ling Huang, Chi-Tung Cheng, Sheng-Yao Huang, and I-Fang Chung Identification of Pneumothorax Patients Using X-ray Images

(TA-2) Time:14:00-15:00 [M105]
Fuzzy Applications and Intelligent Robot (Prof. Rong-Jyue Wang)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1046 Rong-Jyue, Wang, Zhan-Bo, Chen, Cong-Ming, Yang, Yi-Shan, He, Tzu- Ping, Lee, Fu-Jun, Liang, An-Jun, Zhang The Intelligent Robotic Arm: This Team
#1054 Ying-Hsiu Chen, Pei- Jun Lee, Yi-Chen Tsai Side Robot-A Wall Climber Implements in the Autonomous Monitor Robot
#1059 Hsiang-Chieh Chen and Qi-Lun Hong Vision-based Business Analytic System by Combining Fisheye Surveillance and Deep Learning
#1088 Chih-Hui Chiu, Ci- Yuang Wu, Jie-Min Lin, Yu-Siou Huang, Chia-Wei Chang and Jia-Lin Wu Implementation of an Unicycle Balance System

(TA-3) Time:14:00-15:00 [M106]
Robot Control and Its Application (Prof. Mei-Yung Chen)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1030 Ting-En Lin, Ting- Gang Liang, Mei- Yung Chen Design of Linear Controller Based on the Internal Model Principle for a Linear Permanent Magnet Iron Core Synchronous Motor
#1033 Wei-Pin Cheng, Mei- Yung Chen Leader-Follower Type Adaptive Formation-Based Transportation by Cooperation of Two Mobile Robots
#1057 Yu-Sheng Lu, Yan- Jin Lu, Je-Wei Jeng Improved Estimation on Low-Frequency Contact Force
#1019 Ta-Hsiang Lin, Yan- Jie Huang, Chun- Jung Huang, Chiu- Hung Chen, Jinn- Tsong Tsai Jyh- Horng Chou Study on the Optimal Laser Cutting Problem of Steel Pipes

(TA-4) Time:15:20-16:30 [M104]
Advanced Intelligent System and Its Applications (Prof. Young J. Ryoo)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1040 Jung-Hae Choi Byung-Jae Choi Design of Autonomous Driving Platform for an Electric Wheelchair
#1041 Hansoo Lee, Seunghyan Jung, Minseok Kim, Sungshin Kim Synthetic Minority Over-Sampling Technique based on Fuzzy C- means Clustering for Imbalanced Data
#1042 Linyun Huang, Youngchul Bae Improving Performance of Identification Distance of RFID in Common Use Wiring (CUW) of KEPCO
#1100 Chang-Soon Kang, Hyo-Seok Kang, Youn Cheol Kim, Chang-Ho Hyun Fuzzy Disturbance Observer Based Sliding Mode Control Using a Boundary Layer for a MIMO HVAC System
#1136 Ki-Nam Lee, Do Khac Tiep, Young-Jae Ryoo Development of Performance Measurement System of Electric Vehicle Charging Station

(TA-5) Time:15:20-16:30 [M105]
Rough Set and Soft Computing Applications (Prof. Kao-Shing Hwang)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1002 Zamali Tarmudi, Norfazillah Matmali, Nowyannie Willie D. Tamsin, Mohd Lazim Abdullah A Fuzzy Unifying Format based on Triangular Fuzzy Numbers and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers
#1081 Tian Yang, Guangming Lang, Hui Wang Attribute Reduction Based on Related Families of Fuzzy covering rough sets
#1031 Kao-Shing Hwang, Wei-Cheng Jiang Applying Fuzzy with Dissimilarity for Inverse Reinforcement Learning
#1022 Shun Matsukawa, Ken-ichi Itakura, Akira Hayano, Yuto Matsuura, Yukinori Suzuki Identification of Discontinuities in a Rock Mass from a Three- dimensional Point Cloud Using an SVM
#1053 Boldizsar Tuu-Szabo Peter Foldesi T. Laszlo Koczy A Population Based Metaheuristic for Traveling Salesman Type Problems

(TA-6) Time:15:20-16:30 [M106]
Fuzzy and Learning Applications (Prof. Chiang-Ju Chien and Prof. Ying-Chung Wang)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1140 Chiang-Ju Chien, Ying-Chung Wang, Meng-Joo Er On the Adaptive Fuzzy Control of Discrete-time Nonaffine Nonlinear Systems with Unknown Control Direction
#1024 Yukinori Suzuki Estimation of Clustering Algorithms to Design Code Books for Practical Usage of Vector Quantization
#1010 Wei-Zhan Hung Deciding Classification Process to Handle Classification Problem Based on Meta Heuristic Approach
#1058 Shin-ichi Ohnishi, Takahiro Yamanoi An Alternative Level's Fuzzy Weight for Partial Inner Dependence AHP
#1044 Ying-Chung Wang, Chi-Nan Chuang, Yuan-Fu Cheng, Chun-Yen Wu, Chiang-Ju Chien Design of Phase-Locked- Loop Using Improved Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization
#1144 Yu-Chieh Tseng, Sendren Sheng-Dong Xu, Yuan-Cheng Liu, Yan-Yu Chou Study of Side-View Face Recognition at a 90 Degrees Angle

November 15, 2017 (Wednesday)

(WM-1) Time:09:00-10:10 [M104]
The Intelligent System and Its Applications (Prof. Rey-Chue Hwang and Prof. Chih-Yung Chen)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1137 Shuming T. Wang, Sheng-Min Huang, Yu-Ju Chen, Chih- Yung Chen, Rey- Chue Hwang The Analysis of Control Parameters for Ultrasonic Welding Machine by Using Neural Network
#1138 Chih-Yung Chen, Yu- Ju Chen, Shen-Whan Chen, Chuo-Yean Chang, Rey-Chue Hwang PNN Indoor Positioning System by a Novel Computational Method
#1141 Chih-Yung Chen, Chien-Peng Lee, Shuming T. Wang, Rey-Chue Hwang An Application of Neural Network for Molding Parameter Prediction
#1142 Chih-Yung Chen, Che-Lun Chang, Shen-Whan Chen, Rey-Chue Hwang Campus Electricity Consumption Forecast Using Grey Theory
#1098 C.-K. Hu, F.-B. Liu, C.-F. Hu A Hybrid Fuzzy DEA/AHP Methodology for Ranking Units in a Fuzzy Environment

(WM-2) Time:09:00-10:10 [M105]
Fuzzy Applications (Prof. Yo-Ping Huang, Prof. Kuo-Ho Su, and Prof. Chan-Yun Yang)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1063 Kuo-Ho Su, Yu-Chieh Wang Electric Vehicle Collision Avoidance System Using Backpropagation Fuzzy Controller
#1139 Galsanbadam Sainzaya, Fan-Nong Yu, Tung- Lin Hsieh, Chan-Yun Yang LQR Control with Refined PID to Balance Rotary Inverted Pendulum with Time-Varying Uncertainty
#1134 Shigeru Kato, Naoki Wada, Tomomichi Kagawa Food Texture Estimation by Fuzzy Inference
#1096 Gwo-Ruey Yu, Yu- Chia Huang, Chih- Yung Cheng Robust H-infinity Polynomial Fuzzy Controller Design: An Sum-of- square-based Quantum-inspired Evolutionary Algorithm

(WM-3) Time:09:00-10:10 [M106]
Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Soft-Computing (Prof. Shing-Tai Pan and Prof. Tzung-Pei Hong)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1114 Shing-Tai Pan, Chih- Hung Wu, Chih-Chin Lai, Shie-Jue Lee, Wen-Sin Tseng FPGA-based Chip with Dual Core for Speeding up Calculation of Empirical Mode Decomposition on Speech Recognition
#1121 Chih-Chin Lai, Chih- Hung Wu, Shing-Tai Pan, Shie-Jue Lee, Peng-Hsiang Wang Gait-based Gender Recognition Using Local Texture Pattern
#1143 Tzung-Pei Hong, Yuan-Ching Peng, Bing-Yang Chiang, Wen-Yang Lin Using Aliens to Increase Diversity of HMGA
#1147 Chen-Sen Ouyang, Young-Zain Wang, Bo-Jhong Chen A Comparative Study on Independent Component Classification of EEG

(WM-4) Time:10:30-11:50 [M104]
Fuzzy Technical Applications (Prof. Jin-Tsong Jeng and Prof. Hsu-Chih Huang)
Paper IDAuthorsPaper Title
#1126 Shun-Hung Tsai, Jin-Ji Su, Hung-Yi Lin The Control and Implementation of the Quadrotor Based on Second Order Sliding Mode Control
#1039 Hsu-Chih Huang, Wei-En Hsu Development of an Intelligent Robotic System Using Bat Algorithm
#1146 Pohsiang Tsai Appliances Recognizable Core Extension with Energy Saving System Using Genetic Algorithm